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Trial Exhibits


Due to the nature of personal injury and medical malpractice cases, it is imperative to show the seriousness and complexity of your client's injuries as well as the resulting disability and pain. Trial exhibits from MedLegal Visuals show these injuries with subsequent impairments. With trial exhibits, resulting disability & pain are illustrated with the most visual impact so that you can recover the greatest measure of damages for your client.

Attorneys nationwide have successfully utilized Trial Exhibits from MedLegal Visuals to visually present their cases and maximize their results in arbritration, mediation, settlement brochures, medical expert depositions and trial presentation. Trial exhibits from MedLegal Visuals have helped trial attorneys to obtain faster settlements and larger awards.

MedLegal VIsuals has created thousands of trial exhibits over the years showing every type of injury and surgery imagineable that have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements and awards for our clients. Some of these trial exhibit samples are shown on the right. Please click on the image to view an enlarged version of the trial exhibit.

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Please click on any of the image samples on the right to see an enlarged view.

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