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MedLegal Visuals now offers diagnostic film scanning, enlargement, mounting and presentation services to further support our trial exhibit and demonstrative evidence services.

In personal injury and medical malpractice cases, diagnostic films, photos or documents pertaining to your case often need to be presented along with trial exhibits and used as demonstrative evidence to further enhance case presentation. Compile and send your oversized X-ray, MRI or CT scan films to MedLegalVisuals to be scanned and converted into digital format files. Your diagnostic films can be printed at any size for arbitration, mediation, video depostion or trial presentation and offer the benefit of being viewed without the use of an X-ray illuminator or lightbox.

In addition to diagnostic films, our office can also provide document and photo scanning and enlargement services as well. Once they scanned, they can be printed at a larger or smaller size and mounted for presentation as needed. The images can be saved onto a CD ROM or DVD or they can be incorporated into a powerpoint or interactive presentation for you as well. You may choose for us to create a custom digital presentation combining
your case materials such as photos, documents, films and medical illustrations into an effective and compelling case specific interactive presentation.

Contact MedLegal Visuals today for more information and to learn more about our photo, film scanning, enlargement & interactive presentation services can be incorporated into your case presentation.

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