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Why Choose MedLegalVisuals?

FREE Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote

It all begins with a FREE Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote. Created directly from your client's medical records and diagnostic films. MedLegalVisuals creates a proposal outlining the exhibits that will be most beneficial to your case presentation.

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Visual Proposal

MedLegalVisuals is the only company in the industry that offers a visual guide to the proposed exhibits for your case. Where applicable, MedLegalVisuals includes actual Black and White images along with descriptions of the illustrations that will be included in your exhibits. This distinct difference allows you to see what you will be receiving before you purchase and gives us a comprehensive understanding of your case. Furthermore, it allows us to discuss any changes or necessary additions that you would like to implement into the final exhibits.

These exhibits feature case specific medical illustrations and the colorization of your client’s actual diagnostic films such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans to graphically depict the specific injuries suffered by your client. Surgical procedures from the simple to the complex endured by your client are accurately illustrated and created directly from your client’s operative reports to create compelling surgical storyboards.

Direct Communication

MedLegalVisuals provides each of our clients with a medical art director who is in constant communication with you on your case from start to finish. This allows you to direct all concerns and questions to an experienced, knowledgeable professional. Once your preliminary exhibits are complete the medical art director will email the color preliminary exhibits to you and/or your medical expert and communicate directly with your medical expert if needed to obtain approval and ensure accuracy.

Maximum Value

MedLegalVisuals provides you with the highest quality trial exhibits at the most competitive prices. Attorneys and medical professionals alike are continually impressed by the artistic quality & medical accuracy of our trial exhibits and courtroom presentations. Part of our mission is to provide our clients with the highest ROI (Return On Investment) for utilizing our services. Creating exhibits that are visually dynamic, anatomically accurate with the ability to captivate and engage the viewer to their key points is our passion. This combination has sparked our expansion in recent years and has allowed MedLegalVisuals to continually give back to you, our loyal clients with referral incentives. We offer promotional discounts to you, our new clients as an added incentive for those who wish to experience our services.

Your Satisfaction - Guaranteed

MedLegalVisuals is committed to client satisfaction on every level with every interaction and purchase guaranteed. It is just that simple. Beginning with your FREE Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote, we take the time to review your case thoroughly in order to gain a comprehensive understanding as to your presentation. Next, our Visual Proposal will give you an indepth look of what your exhibit will look like before purchasing allowing us to discuss, review and make any necessary changes during the preliminary stage of your exhibits. This unique distinction offered by MedLegalVisuals assures our clients that we have their best interests at heart, aligns our visual ideas with your most important case points and eliminates any additional or costly revisions later on. Once retained, your exhibits are guaranteed to be completed to your satisfaction and that of your medical expert as well.

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