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General Anatomy & Surgery Exhibits - Stock Medical Exhibits

MedLegal Visuals also creates General Anatomy & Surgery Exhibits to be utilized in conjunction with case-specific trial exhibits. These medical exhibits or stock medical exhibits feature medical illustrations that depict general anatomy, common injuries and even common (minor) surgical procedures.

In personal injury cases these stock medical exhibits are best used along with case specific medical exhibits and generally show normal anatomy or the pre-accident appearance of your client’s injured areas of anatomy. They are especially helpful to show orientation of anatomy and to educate your viewing audience as to how a specific area of anatomy normally appears and functions. Normal anatomy exhibits help to contrast the post-accident condition & injuries suffered by your client shown in case-specific medical exhibits. When this frame of visual reference is provided to the viewer; whether an insurance adjuster, judge or lay person on a jury, there is an immediate understanding and agreement of how devastating that specific injury suffered by your client has been.

General anatomy & surgery exhibits can also be used in medical malpractice cases as well, to contrast and show that a physician has deviated from the standard accepted practice of medical care. Whether a medical negligence case such as a surgical mistake or injury to the patient has occurred or if the technique of a standard surgical procedure was not followed. In either of these cases, these stock medical exhibits provide a visual frame of reference that allows the viewer to understand how a specific surgical procedure is performed and how that contrasts the surgical errors or mistakes that have been made.

Once any stock medical exhibits showing the general anatomy of your client have been presented to the viewer and they have been educated to understand the normal anatomy of a specific area of the body, or educated as to the standard technique of how a specific surgery is performed with a stock medical exhibit showing a standard surgery, they can now move along together with you and your medical expert to see and understand in contrast the effects of a post-accident injury or a surgical error. These medical exhibits can also be used as reusable medical exhibits or used as stock medical exhibits that will provide the viewer with a visual frame of reference and solid understanding of the anatomy or surgery to build on and go back to if needed throughout the course of the case.

Contact MedLegal Visuals today to learn more about how these general anatomy exhibits can be incorporated into your case presentation and be used in conjunction with case specific medical exhibits to maximize the value of your personal injury or medical malpractice cases. It is best to have several stock medical exhibits compliment the case specific personal injury or medical malpractice exhibits in a case for best results.

Sometimes stock medical exhibits are needed fast for an upcoming settlement conference, mediation, video deposition or trial presentation. MedLegalVisuals now introduces providing quality reusable stock medical exhibits for less. Stock Trial Exhibits provides a growing selection of clear, concise and medically accurate medical trial exhibits that can be purchased online quickly and easily and downloaded right to your mobile phone, tablet device or laptop computer and used right away in your case presentation. To view our growing selection of stock medical exhibits for immediate download please visit:






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