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Colorized Diagnostic Films; X-rays, MRIs & CT Scans, etc.

Trial Exhibits featuring the colorization of black & white X-rays, MRIs or CT scans can clarify, highlight and emphasize important information to the viewer. Traumatic Injuries such as fractures, crush injuries, dislocations, disc herniations, torn ligaments, hematomas or other injuries can be clearly distinguished when compared to looking at plain films without color. Postoperative & residual conditions from an injury or surgical procedure can also be shown to emphasize hardware such as plates, screws, nails, rods, wires, external fixation devices or ajoint prosthesis.

MedLegalVisuals creates medical trial exhibits that incorporate your client’s actual diagnostic films into your case presentation. They are one of the most effective types of exhibits that can accurately and graphically depict the nature and extent of the specific injuries suffered by your client. Often some X-rays or MRI films may be dark, unclear and even dificult for a medical expert to point out what is represented on the film in a way that allows the viewer to see and understand what is being described.

When the colorization of your client’s diagnostic films are presented, your client’s injuries or postoperative residual condition is clarified and highlighted. The corresponding anatomy and injury or postoperative condition of your client is illustrated directly over the diagnostic film itself. This ensures for medical accuracy, allows for a side by side comparison with the original diagnostic film and allows the viewer, even a lay person of a jury to visually understand what the film shows.

Now your viewing audience can see & understand for themselves what that injury looks like, how the anatomy had been disrupted and then see the extensive repair with all of the hardware such as the plates, screws, rods, wires etc., that were used during a post-accident surgery. When this frame of visual reference is provided to the viewer that allows them to have an immediate understanding and agreement of how devastating that specific injury suffered by your client has been.

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