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Anatomical Models

MedLegalVisuals creates custom anatomical models for use as demonstrative evidence in all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases in addition to our other services. In certain cases, the best way to explain anatomy, a serious injury or postoperative condition is to show your audience an actual anatomical model customized to fit your specific case. Utilizing anatomical models can be effectively utilized to maximize impact of your medical expert’s testimony during a video tape deposition or trial presentation. When used in conjunction with case specific medical exhibits these demonstrative visiual aids can work together to maximize the value of your case by showing the significance of normal anatomy, the post-accident injuries and residual postoperative condition of your client.

Visual aids such as anatomical models used with trial exhibits significantly enhance both understanding and retention of information. Most of your viewing audience have been conditioned all of their life to learn more from visual images and objects than from words alone. Colorful charts, excerpts from key documents, compelling medical illustrations displayed in trial exhibits and anatomical models provide jurors with visual stimuli to complement the words they hear from an expert witness or an attorney. Such use of visual aids has been shown to enhance the jury’s accurate perception of facts and seeing it makes it believable and real to your viewing audience.

Anatomical models allow your medical expert to explain and show an area of anatomy or injury in a very basic way. These 3-dimensional visual aids can be shown, rotated, also touched and opened up to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of basic anatomy and can even be customized to show specific injuries of your client in a manner that can be fully appreciated by the viewer. MedLegalVisuals has a wide variety of anatomical models and also creates customized anatomical models to show a wide assortment of traumatic injuries to enhance your presentation. Our selection of basic anatomy models includes; the skull, brain, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, foot and much more. We also carry and create various custom injury specific anatomical models such as; cervical and lumbar disc herniations, osteoarthritis of the knee, arthritic hip, brachial plexus injuries, rotator cuff tear injuries, knee joint injuries and various fracture and ligament injuries of the ankle and other bones of the body.

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Please click on any of the images to see an enlarged view and remember, we have an extensive collection of anatomical models in addition to the ones shown here on this page.

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